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In their efforts to seek more light, the brethren of Fort Worth Lodge #148 began a tradition of bringing in guest speakers for Masonic educational talks. Talk after talk, our membership flourished and was enriched. After how much we have enjoyed the benefits of this program, we have begun to share this experience with other brothers who desire to seek more light.

Masonic education is a critical component to every brother’s journey in the Craft. However, it can be extremely hard to come by, even though our fraternity is filled with extraordinary speakers who will gladly share their research. We felt it was our responsibility to share the results of our educational program, and created a Masonic educational event that would benefit the Craft on a larger scale. The location? The Fort Worth Masonic Temple.

We call it: Texas MasoniCon.

Texas MasoniCon is a self-sustaining annual event. Ticket sales cover meals for attendees and lodging/transportation of guest speakers. All profits are re-invested into the subsequent year’s event, ensuring continuous growth and improvement. Our long-term goal is to benefit the Grand Jurisdiction of Texas by inspiring attending brethren to bring back more Masonic education upon returning to their own lodges and districts, and provide a platform for new educational speakers to debut their work.

Tickets for Texas MasoniCon 2023 are not yet available. The event will take place on the evening of Friday, August 18th and all-day Saturday, August 19th. Check-in time will be at 8:00 am. Each attendee will be provided with an event bracelet allowing entry and re-entry for the day.

After reviewing feedback from last year's attendees, we made a decision to focus on providing longer sessions, increasing session times from 45-minutes to a full hour for each speaker. We also moved the start time an hour back to 9:00 am.

In addition to our speakers, there will be vendors on-site providing Masonic books and merchandise. Some of the guest speakers may have their own books available at the event, which allows attendees to purchase educational material expediently.

As before, due to the nature of the subjects covered, and to allow more freedom during group discussion, this event is open only to Master Masons hailing from Jurisdictions recognized by the Grand Lodge of Texas. At MasoniCon 2018, we had attendees from all over Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and as far away as Nebraska, New Jersey, Washington, D. C., and Baja California in Mexico. MasoniCon 2019 went even bigger, with more attendees and featuring Bro. S. Brent Morris as out keynote speaker.

Our vision remains to immerse brethren in Masonic education and to set the Craft on fire with a sense of contagious fervency and zeal.

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